"My name is Teresa Anderson and I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Central Texas nonprofit Slice of Heaven Educational Farm. The farm is a lifelong passion of mine and a work of love. I made this special place so that children and adults alike would have a safe, family-friendly environment to experience interactive learning about animals, agriculture, and environmentally sustainable practices. Here, visitors won’t just learn- they’ll get to play with our friendly farm animals, take a ride in our tractor-pulled barrel train, and touch the sky on our in-ground jump pillow. Even while visitors are having fun, they’re still learning, because we don’t do learning like your average classroom. Questions like “why does that turkey’s head change colors? Why do we need rain? Why are worms important to the environment?” and a host of other things you haven’t thought about in years are what we talk about daily.

We love teaching our communities, making kids smile, and watching the joy everyone gets when they hear Zeus the donkey bray, hold a bunny for the first time, or watch a baby chick hatch. But running the farm is a lot of time, work, and money. All of our critters need food twice a day, bedding for their stalls, and we have expenses from building costs, utilities, and staff wages. We love what we do, and we want to keep doing it, but we need your help!

By partnering with the farm you can help us keep our animals healthy and happy and help us grow so we can teach even more students about the animals and land we have been blessed with! You can support an individual animal, and your name will be featured at the farm, or, you can donate larger amounts that will earn you a banner, plaque, or even a special shout out on our website. Your donations can be restricted to certain projects or can be left unrestricted to help us with a variety of recurring expenses.

Our greatest passion is summed up in the mission statement of our nonprofit: investing in the future of our land and animals by educating and empowering youth through interactive learning. Slice of Heaven Educational Farms is profoundly invested in serving our community, and your generosity will help us serve to the best of our abilities."

Corporate Partners:

In addition to feed ($3000/mos), and bedding, the farm has other capital expenses, including: construction/remodeling, air conditioning in the classroom/offices, resources to expand field trip opportunities for all age ranges, remodeling stalls for boarding purposes, barn restoration, fencing, tools/equipment and so much more. Your Partner donation will help us reach our goals and improve the facility

$1,000 and up, your banner will be placed on our front fence and you will be recognized on our website under corporate sponsorships.

$5,000, you will be featured on a plaque on the main barn, recognized on our website under corporate sponsorships and have your banner on the front fence.

How do I become a Partner?

Complete the Partner Contribution Card and pay on our website, GoFundMe, by mail or in person.
We accept cash, check or credit card