Enjoy Your Next Lesson Outside of the Classroom

Enjoy Your Next Lesson Outside of the Classroom

Book your next field trip venue in Central Texas

When your students start paying more attention to what's going on outside than to your lessons, we have the field trip destination just for you! Slice of Heaven Educational Farm in Central Texas offers field trip programs for grades pre-K through fifth. Just tell us what you want your kids to learn about, and we'll tailor our lesson to fit your class's grade level.

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We offer a customized learning experience

We offer a customized learning experience

Your kids will be surprised at everything they learn at Slice of Heaven Educational Farm. We want to excite children's minds and hearts through our customized educational plans. Our goal is to incorporate many different aspects of learning exploration, discovery, problem-solving, conservation awareness and so much more. Our hands-on learning environment incorporates all aspects of STEM to truly take education to the outdoors. We activate children's minds by asking them how and why questions and creating problems for them to solve in order to help develop their critical thinking skills. We tailor our programs based on what you are teaching in the classroom to reinforce your instruction. Whether your class is kindergarten or the 5th grade, we have a program that will excite them and ignite their imaginations and minds.

At our field trip venue, your kids could learn about:
Barnyard animals
Woodland animals
Life Cycles
Pond Life
And more... depending on your curriculum

Enjoy our special features:
Jump pillow
Picnic area
Natural playscapes
Fish pond
Interactive class room
Barrel train rides

Make learning fun again by booking at our field trip destination today. Students, Parents and siblings only $5 per person. Teachers/staff are FREE

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